Jesus is BETTER

Accomplishments. Wealth. Failures. The good. The bad. Grades. Popularity. Successes. JESUS IS BETTER. Better than it all.

The simple phrase: “Jesus is better.” has really been tugging at me lately. We get completely wrapped up in the “competitions” of life. Who will get the best grade? Who will get the most number of likes on their Instagram? Who is going to have the best “relationship goals”? Why why why. Why do we constantly compare ourselves to others?? Because that’s what our society has set us up to do.

“You should look like her.” “You should be as strong as him.” “You should be happier like that girl.” “You should be as romantic like that guy.”

It’s funny though, because society doesn’t tell anyone that “you are enough”. It always seems to be telling us that we need to be a little bit more, a little bit better. No matter the successes we have, the great things we do, there’s still something missing. Society points out our flaws, the things we’ve messed up. Good try, society, but your time to reign is over.

Yep, there is one thing (and one thing only) that can completely fulfill us, make us complete, and that’s Jesus Christ. He has overcome death and conquered the grave, forgiving us of all our sins and wrongdoings and loving us unconditionally every second of every day. You see, Jesus doesn’t tell us that “you need to be better” but He tells us that “you are perfect just the way you are“. Because let’s face it, we are all broken, but there is one guy continuously picking up the pieces and gluing us back together, because HE knows that we are ENOUGH. In our good seasons, when we think our accomplishments are awesome, let’s remember who had the greatest victory of all time.

The bottom line is that, no matter what we think or what society tells us to think, it is known that nothing (and I mean nothing) can fill us up quite the way that Jesus can, because He is the ultimate friend, victor, comforter, lover, encourager, and better than anything earthly that we can even imagine. Austin Stone puts it perfectly:

“In all my sorrow, Jesus is better, make my heart believe

In all my victories, Jesus is better, make my heart believe

Than any comfort, Jesus is better, make my heart believe

More than all riches, Jesus is better, make my heart believe

Our souls declaring, Jesus is better, make my heart believe

Our song eternal, Jesus is better, make my heart believe”

Jesus is better. Better than any test grade. Better than any number of likes. Better than any “relationship goals”. Jesus, make our heart believe.



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