Chasing HIM Before Him

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The chase. Everyone has gone through it. You meet someone who turns your world upside down. Then comes the texts, likes, favorites, and trying to do whatever we can for them to notice us. We are constantly on a chase. A chase for fulfillment, a chase for desire, a chase for someone. The funny thing is, we should be chasing someone much larger than life itself, someone that is the ultimate fulfiller, the life-giver, the one who desires and loves us more than we could ever possibly imagine.

Our society has high expectations of what a relationship should be like, including extravagant gifts, #wcw, #mcm, and being “relationship goals”. We chase after these labels like it’s the only way our relationship can be at it’s fullest. The part that is usually left out is how the relationship grows towards Jesus. It is so utterly important, living water for us to thrive in. We look for satisfaction in the arms of someone else when we are already wrapped in the arms of someone so much bigger who loves us so unconditionally that we should be not just simply satisfied, but overly rejoiced.

I know what you are thinking, this is a lot easier said than done. Trust me, I am completely with you on that. I’ve been single for about two years now, and I have found myself confused and angry with God as to why it seems everyone has their perfect relationships, and I am still alone. I, too, have struggled with searching for acceptance and approval of other people, not being satisfied with just the love of God. But I’ve realized He does this for a reason. You see, we really need to have our relationship right with Godbefore we can have it right with somebody else. Once you feel the immense love of God and see the promises He has for us, you’ll never question if it is enough again. My mom once told me that you should chase after God with all that you have and the person that can keep up, well, that’s the one you should pursue. It is hard to be patient for this relationship, but it’s so true. The two of you should be chasing so hard after the Lord, and when you’re able to do that alongside each other, now that’s where you should be.

So, evaluate yourself. Who are you chasing? Are you chasing the approval and satisfaction of somebody else? Or are you chasing after the Lord with all your heart? And when you find that man after Christ or woman of God that is chasing after HIM just as hard as you are, then grab them why you can and keep up. The real “relationship goals” is to help make each other a better model of Christ and bring them closer to our Father in heaven. Be their number one fan and supporter in fulfilling God’s purpose for their life. Don’t get too wrapped up in all the labels. Appreciate that person because they want to love you well and love Christ well too. Be at peace with the fact that one day it will not anymore be “who am chasing” but “who are WE chasing”. Keep on running.

 “Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.” Galations 1:10


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