this thing with flowers

because life is a lot more fun with long-winded metaphors.

If you know me at all you know that flowers are something that bring me a lot of joy. I purchase a $4 bunch of flowers from H-E-B almost every week for myself and put them in a little glass bottle on our kitchen table. I think I’ll do that for the rest of forever, too. I would count them as another love language for me, they just fill me up to the brim and help me see Jesus more. The more I look at flowers, the more I see us little humans as flowers all growing in a meadow together in this world… let me explain.

When you plant a flower you begin by putting down soil – a necessary foundation. Not only does it help to provide structure for the flower, but it also gives luscious nutrients that help it to grow. We need that kind of foundation, too! But instead of dirt and nitrogen, our foundation is founded upon hope in Jesus Christ, His love, and His Word. If we are not built upon that foundation, then our lives will crumble, and we will not withstand any temptation. There are definitely times in our lives where we fall over, and have to be built back up again, starting with a foundation of capital-T Truth.

After the soil is set, flowers need two things to grow: sunshine and water. That sunshine in our lives is the light of Christ shining in our lives through the blessings that He generously provides to us, completely undeservingly. The sunshine is a representation of those high seasons when you feel really close to Jesus. The water comes in the form of storms in our lives. Hard things come and make us feel like we are being beaten down. The enemy chooses to throw temptations in the way of fulfilling God’s will for us. Storms causes us to rely on our sturdy foundation in order to continue standing up strong. It is the combination of these two things that bring growth into our lives. Without them, we wouldn’t be who God intended for us to be.

It is as we navigate through the sunshine and storms that we start to bloom into our true selves. Now, flowers don’t just become a flower right away, they first grow some leaves, then petals, until they are bloomed in full. I feel like that is how we tend to grow, too, some days faster than others. All in the journey to becoming the beautiful flower that God intended us to be! I like to consider myself a sunflower. Sunflowers grow towards the sun – and I want to grow towards the Son. As we continue to grow, we are becoming closer and closer to Jesus and becoming more like Him.

People pick up flowers and enjoy their beauty. In the same way, we should share about this joy that we have found in Christ! Telling others of the hope and beauty that is found within a relationship with Jesus! We have the ability to show Christ through our actions and give others the desire to want to know more about Him! How exciting it is that He allows us to get to be a part of that?!

“The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.” -Isaiah 40:8

Flowers don’t live forever, and neither do we. But what a hope it is that our God and His Truths do! And one day we will get to live forever with Him too, because of His death and resurrection here on earth, a withering earth. What a peace; what a joy! So I will continue to flourish and grow in His foundation and share with all of those around me over and over for the rest of my time here, because He is my soil foundation that allows for it in the first place. Join me in this meadow and let’s do this thing together, Church!